Skin Care that Works!

Spurr's Big Fix

Spurr's Big FixSpurr’s Big Fix is a conditioning Antiseptic Spray for Horse and Livestock Skin Care!

Rain Rot? Spurr’s Big Fix Antiseptic Spray is very effective for treating Rain Rot as shown in the progression pictures below. See what a difference after only two weeks of using the product.

Itchy Skin? / Bug Bites? / Skin Allergies?
Spurr’s Big Fix’s conditioning formula soothes inflamed skin quickly while the medication goes to work killing fungus and bacteria.  You’ll notice a marked improvement in your horses skin condition after even the first application.  Rely on Spurr’s Big Fix on a variety of skin fungus,

Ideal for regrowing hair, mane and tails, too!  Spray liberally over affected area daily and see new hair growth appear in days.  Use weekly as a preventative maintenance!

Spurr's Big FixMystery skin disease in southern California
At least two dozen cases have been reported by vets and horse owners to the California Department of Food and Agriculture’s Animal Health and Food Safety Services Division. The hides grew bubbly, and large amounts of hair fell out as the paint horses were brushed. Guessing that it might be a fungus, they washed and sprayed the horses with anti-fungal treatments, that didn’t help. Dr. Sunshine Eckstrom of Silver Canyon Equine in Chino, determined the animals were suffering from a skin condition known as photosensitization – a hyper-sensitivity to direct sunlight – and subsequent infections called photodermatitis.

Upon learning the news of the condition of these horses we sent Spurr’s Big Fix Wound/Skin/Hoof out to one of the horse owners in Norco, California that had two horses that were affected by this skin condition. The pictures below show the effectiveness of Spurr’s Big Fix upon this skin disorder.






Great on a variety of animals!

Works great on dogs!  Cuts, Scrapes & Hot Spots! Spurr’s Big Fix is ideal for use on cuts and scrapes on dogs, and is particularly helpful on “hot spots”. Simply spray the affected area and the antiseptic ingredients quickly disinfect the area while the soothing qualities of tea tree and other essential oils immediately go to work.

Got Ticks? Not anymore! Simply spray the tick directly with Spurr’s Big Fix and wait a few minutes. The tick will either back out on its own or will readily “pluck” right off your dog!

Sore muscles on your hunting or working dog? Spray Spurr’s Big Fix on your dogs joints and hip areas as an invigorating brace! The menthol in the formula eases tired muscles and invigorates your dog after a long day hunting or working. An added benefit: your dog will smell better too!
Skin Conditions?

Spurr’s Big Fix is effective on many different types of skin issues and/or fungus’s. This cute little guy was feeling much better after just 3 short days after his first treatment of Spurr’s Big Fix.

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5 thoughts on “Skin Care that Works!

  • Your Filly Cream Moisturizer is AMAZING!!! It is the ONLY lotion that heals my husbands dry, cracked
    fingertips. WONDERFUL! We found purse size bottles a few years ago in Llano Texas and have ordered
    the 12 pack of the 2 ounce bottles. We are very pleased to find the 8 ounce bottles available now.

  • Dave Ancel -

    Please send me a wholesale listing for The Pet Dog Store. 2622 Highway 31S Decatur Al 35603.
    256 580 5178

    • Spurr's Big Fix -

      I apologize for not responding sooner. I just now saw the message. I am emailing you a price list. Thank you!

  • Katrina Krider -

    Can you advise if wound, skin and hoof is safe for a nine week old puppy who has hair loss due to fungal infection? Will be ordering for summer itch on horse but just want to make sure safe for puppy also. Thank you in advance.

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