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Spurr’s Big Fix Testimonials.

“I am thrilled about sharing the OUTSTANDING SUCCESS that I have found using Spurr’s Big Fix. The results that I have witnessed is nothing less than completely amazing!!   My favorite horse Jazzy Girl came to the farm 6 years ago in the beginning stages of founder and has suffered with major hoof health issues from day one. My dad always said No Hoof, No Horse. Within three days of consistently using Spurr’s I began to see unbelievable improvement in the health of her frogs.

Simply stated, Spurr’s is the Real Deal !! I won’t be without it.

Kathy Pinnell
The CARE Foundation – Comforting Abused Rescued Equines



klucktestimonial“I want to give a big shout out to thank Spurr’s Big Fix, my 2 year old stud Colt decided he needed to do a good one and ripped his chest wide open! Here are some before and 4 weeks after pictures using Spurr’s Big fix.

Thank you again and I can’t wait til Columbus NE carries this product!”

Carissa Kluck

“Spurr’s Big Fix is a very fine product.  It works really well on thrush, white line disease.  It does a great job conditioning the hoof, as well.  We regularly use it at our school!”

Ron Dash
Forge Shoeing School

“Spurr’s Big Fix works great on my horses!  We had a horse with dew poison in its foot, Spurr’s cleared it up FAST!”
Ron Henry
Mounted Shooting

This paint mare entered rescue with a deep gash from a t-post.  After an initial general cleaning, Spurr’s Big Fix was sprayed on the affected area three times daily.

In only 4 weeks the wound was healed.  No other product was used.


     Wound, Skin, Hoof


This roan gelding was found in his pen with a deep puncture wound, likely from a  fallen tree limb.

When the horse was inspected by his vet it was determined the wound was aproximately 3 to 4 inches deep.  After two vet visits and nearly $500 in vet bills, the wound was STILL not healing – even despite the insertion of a drainage tube.  The owner switched to treating the gelding by spraying the wound with Spurr’s Big Fix and within 4 weeks the puncture was, not only healing, but was leaving little to no proud flesh or scarring.



This Buckskin mare sustained a nasty facial laceration.  The wound was cleaned and surrounding hair was clipped.  Spurr’s Big Fix was applied to the wound daily.  Within 30 days the wound was completely healed and no visible scar remained.



Look what Spurr’s Big Fix has accomplished —  Best Product Awards!

Spurrs Big Fix Awards

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Texas Horseman     
Farriers Journal Spurr's Big Fix     Spurr's Big Fix Awards

4 thoughts on “Testimonials

  • Which product was the guy’s testimonial referring to when he said that Jazzy Girl had frog issues when she came to him and was practically foundered? Thank you

  • Just simply, the BEST product on the market..I can say this because, I used Spurr’s Big Fix on a colt with a horrific wound (stallion bite) to colt. The Spurr’s healed it like it was never a wound there! This colts pic is on the Spurr’s Big Fix site & on pamplets. Thanks, to Spurr’s Big Fix & the fantastic people who produced, this wonderful product!

  • We have a colt that had some type of sore rash on his whole belly . Insects were eating at the skin leaving it raw and bleeding . We have applied spurrs big fix one time each day for 2 weeks his sensitive skin has returned to normal. We are so thankful for this great product !

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