• Skin Care

    Spurr’s Big Fix’s conditioning formula soothes inflamed skin quickly while the medication goes to work killing fungus and bacteria. 

  • Hoof Care

    We all know the saying "No Hoof No Horse" but Spurr's Big Fix is here to keep your horses hooves looking fantastic!

  • Wound Care

    Spurr's Bgi Fix not only works on skin and hooves but is extensivley proven to treat various wounds for horses, cattle, poultry and pets.

  • Flesh Wounds

    Be prepared for unexpected injuries on your equine partners. Spurr's Big Fix Antiseptic Spray works great for flesh wounds!

  • Skin Conditions

    Spurr's Big Fix works great for skin conditions like rain rot. Spray the area daily until the condition subsides.

  • Pet Antiseptic

    Take care of your pets with our pet antiseptic. Great for wounds, tick removal, and soothing sore muscles and joints.

  • Effective Results

    Use our antiseptic spray and watch the time fly by as your animals heal!

  • Antiseptic Abilities

    Our Antiseptic Spray is great because it works as an antiseptic. Great for cleaning wounds by yourself or before a vet can arrive.