Care From Head To Hoof

Developed by Farriers Spurr's Big Fix is a unique product that treats a variety of issues in horses, canines, livestock, and poultry. We are dedicated to providing premium products that enhance the well-being of your animals. Our specially formulated line of all natural products to promote optimal health.

We take pride in offering you a range of products that are free from harsh chemicals, toxins, and artificial additives. We prioritize the well-being of your horses, cattle, canines, and poultry ensuring they receive only the best care.


Formulated to treat equine hoof conditions including: thrush, white line disease, seedy toe, brittle wall, abscesses, hoof wall separation and to restore moisture. Also as a wound care antiseptic for rain rot, dew poisoning, sweet itch, scratches, sarcoids, and burns.

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Ideal for use on cuts and scrapes on dogs, and is particularly helpful on “hot spots”. Simply spray the affected area and the antiseptic ingredients quickly disinfect the area and start soothing itching and soreness.

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Cattlemen swear by Spurr’s Big Fix for treating “Hoof Rot”, wounds, treating navel cords, and spraying after castration. Always in an easy to use spray bottle for no mess treatments.

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Use the Poultry spray on bumblefoot, thrush, pigeon fever, and of course wounds. So many uses in one bottle! Always in an easy to use spray bottle for no mess treatments.

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