Pet Antiseptic

At Spurr's Big Fix, we believe that your canine companion's well-being is of utmost importance. That's why we have developed a range of canine care products that utilize natural ingredients to address common concerns and promote optimal health for your beloved dogs.

Along with typical cuts, scrapes, and itching Spurr's Big Fix Pet Antiseptic works wonderfully as an invigorating brace for their joints and hips when they are sore.

Got Ticks?

When it comes to owning dogs there are a few dangers when it comes to Ticks. These pest spread a variety of diseases, most commonly Lyme Disease. If you find a tick on your dog Spurr's Big Fix Pet Antiseptic offers a great solution for tick removal. imply spray the tick directly with Spurr's Big Fix and wait a few minutes.  The tick will either back out on its own or will readily "pluck" right off your dog!

Hot Spots:

Give your dog's joints and hip areas the rejuvenation they deserve with Spurr's Big Fix Pet Antiseptic. Specially formulated with natural products, this unique spray provides soothing relief to tired muscles, leaving your dog feeling refreshed and energized after a long day of hunting or working. Not only does it ease their muscles and joints, but it also offers an added benefit - your dog will smell better too!

Skin Conditions:

Just like our other animals our canines can have issues with skin bacteria and fungal infections. Spurr's Big Fix works great for treating a variety of skin ailments for our pups as well. Simply spray the affected area and repeat until the irritation is gone.