About Us

Spurr’s Big Fix was developed and perfected by David and Kathy Kimbrough in the heart of Alabama horse country. In addition to both being lifelong horse enthusiasts and animal lovers, David is a highly respected working farrier with over 40 years of experience.

After fighting frustration with the lack of positive results from hoof products on the market, David and Kathy took it upon themselves to create Spurr's Big Fix. Their goal was to create a recipe that would meet not only the needs of a horse's hoof but also address common skin/wound conditions.

After an ideal formula was scientifically developed under the supervision of a chemist, Spurr's Big Fix underwent vigorous testing ensuring that it was both effective and safe. Today, Spurr's Big Fix has been thoroughly tested both in the field and in the lab. It has been endorsed by numerous horsemen and women.

With the completed formula in hand. Bruce Conley, a long-time friend of the Kimbrough’s entered the picture to assist with production, packaging, and marketing. Bruce’s invaluable production experience allowed the formula to be produced and marketed in mass. Bruce is not only a partner and a product evangelist, but he also uses it daily on his small herd of Miniature horses.

Meet Spurr!

Spurr is our company name sake.